Configuration parameters can be found in the lower left area:

settings settings
release-notes release notes
updates Check for Updates
about Show about

Here you can customise the theme layout.
It is possible to use the system defaults (standard) or to directly select a dark or light theme.

The values for the parallel processes for Import Tanks, Archive Tanks and Container Tasks can also be adjusted.
The defaults here are 5 parallel processes each; depending on the system performance, these can be increased.
If there is a noticeable drop in performance or the toolbox seems frozen in operation, we recommend switching back to the default values.

The Toolbox offers an interface (API) to import mails directly via POST requests into one or more containers.
If you activate the interface via "Enable Import API", you can use the following URL in the browser: to access a sample upload form and the documentation for the interface.

Here you can find the release notes available for the installed version.

With Check for Updates you can check for updates of the Toolbox and install them.

In the Show About section you can see the build versions of the Toolbox and the third party tools and licences used.