The REDDOXX Toolbox is a Windows utility for working with REDDOXX Archive Containers.
Here, the functions import, archive task, repair and the search in containers are supported.

  • Use a dedicated computer for working with the Toolbox.
    Other parallel work should be refrained from during this time.
  • To avoid interruptions or malfunctions while working on containers (especially when importing e-mails), it is recommended to deactivate the virus scanner.

  • Have sufficient free hard disk space available; for an import, a 20% buffer in addition to the size of the data to be imported should be temporarily available.
  • Make sure that the mail server from which you are importing has sufficient performance reserves.
  • Ensure a stable network connection between the individual components.
  • The toolbox and the mail server should be in the same network segment.

You can obtain the REDDOXX Toolbox from the following Link.

The following steps are necessary for the installation:

  1. start the installation of the MSI file on a powerful Windows computer.
  2. confirm the authorisation of the network access.
  3. the application starts automatically and shows the current release notes
  4. there is a shortcut "REDDOXX Toolbox" on the desktop for future starts.