All containers added to the toolbox are displayed in the search.
Here you can click to select the containers to be searched (they are then shown in red).

For a search, containers can be used individually or any number of containers.

You can either use the search field directly, or create an advanced search via the drop-down menu.

With AND / OR you can select whether several queries are to be linked with AND or OR.
Further search criteria added via Add Rule are then also provided with this link.
If you also want to link a query in another way, select "Add Group" and then adjust the desired link in this group.
You can negate a search (click on the = sign, then it becomes ≠).

Here you can also copy the created search via Copy Query and use it with Paste Query, e.g. in an Archive Task.
This is particularly useful if you want to check before an Archive Task whether the search query delivers the desired results.